Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Natarsha Oldham

Nartarsha Oldham is an up and coming Brisbane based Artist. Her work is a very interesting mix of water colours and ink that creates some unique creatures. She is currently showing at Foundation Bar in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

What inspires you to create?
Nothing really I just do, it's not something that requires any thought or specific inspiration which is probably why I could still be bothered to do it all the time.

What are your hopes for the future? 
As much as I'd love to be an astronaut or have my own TV show with my own theme song, my realistic hopes are to keep drawing and have people like it enough that it can be my full time job and I can dye my hair any colour I like

Name a few things that make you happy?
Red lipstick, Jesus, pens and paper, adventures and surprises

Who are some of your favourite Artists?
I grew up admiring old greats like Picasso and Dali, I guess I really like them because through their crazy they created incredible artworks that challenged and changed how we see and do art.

Favorite music artist?
I love The Wombats because they are so much fun and always make me dance and stop being so serious.

Hey There Giraffe From series: Don't be a cliche' 29.5x20cm Ink Limited edition print framed $110

Roar From series: Bite me Ink and watercolor 37x29cm Limited edition print framed $120

Warrior From series: oh the things you'll see 37x29 cm Ink and watercolor Limited edition print framed $120

Grrr From series: Bite me Ink and watercolor 37x29cm Limited edition print framed $120

Natarsha drawing on the walls at Foundation Bar.

Natarsha and friend at her opening night.

Here are "The Wombats" with "Techno Fan"

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Naomi Crawford aka OmiLee

Naomi is very good at matching colour tones, gentle and easy on the eye, very pretty. Her work would suit an office situation but also a home. Here is some info from her Facebook page.

I am a Brisbane based emerging artist, with qualifications in Textile and Design, who turned my creative skills towards practicing art full time in 2010. I have participated in one solo and ten group gallery exhibitions, as well as having displays in restaurant and retail venues, and attending artists markets through the year.

I create contemporary artwork that is dripping with colour and texture, primarily using acrylics with occasional hints of trade style mediums such as renders, lacquers, enamels and suedes on canvas, board and paper.

I naturally gravitate towards abstraction, as I enjoy the freedom of letting the artwork evolve through feeling, changing directions from the original vision, and stripping back from detail to keep a minimalist feel to my work.

I paint from anything that inspires me and invite my viewers to observe and connect with my images while discovering your own interpretations within the work.

What inspires you to create?

It's more like I have a driving need to create, but the inspiration for what I create comes from just everyday life, where I've been, what I've seen
What are your hopes for the future?
To keep the opportunity to do what I love in life alive, and if I must work for someone other than myself, to make that job somehow creative too!
Name a few things that make you happy.
My son, friends, family, tea!
I have met her son, he is pretty cute.
Who are some of your favourite artists?
I have some favourites from history such as Jackson Pollock, Klimt and Andy Warhol.. But I really enjoy following local and emerging art, most recently I've brought home creations by Kelly Drake, Phil B and Chrissy Foreman C.
I have to say Phil B is one of mine too.
Who are your favourite music artists? 
This changes all the time depending on my mood and again I like finding new talent often, my last iTunes purchase was Hideaway by Kiesza.

SET ME FREE 91cm x 61cm Acrylic on canvas $490

MIDNIGHT OWL 38cm x 30cm Acrylic on canvas board (framed) $175

SEAL SHORE 38cm x 30cm Acrylic on canvas board (framed) $175

OUT IN THE ELEMENTS 45cm x 45cm Mixed Media $310


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mini Tunglan

Mini Tunglan aka Bek Dunn is wonderfully talented Artist who hails from the Gold Coast in Australia. She works with many medias to create seriously groovy canvases. The work she creates is bright, colourful, fun, cute and just that little bit sinister. They will definitely make you smile and jazz up your wall. Mini will be at Site Cafe, Banyo from the first of July.

What inspires you to create?

I love all the beautiful things in the world. I love flowers, nature, all of the creatures big and small, and the moments we share with friends and loved ones. Joyful moments can be vast, but they an also be tiny snippets of the day. My work is inspired and driven by a need to celebrate the lovely things in life. So in a nutshell, joy, love, peace, happiness, and all things dandy inspire my art making practice. 

What are your hopes for the future?

I hope to be continually amazed by this lovely world and further develop my art making practice. Hopefully a bunch more exhibitions.

Name a few things that make you happy?

 I love walking on the beach in the late afternoon with my dog Oobee. Watching the sky turn from a pale teal to creamy peaches, pinks, purples, then to a vibrant orange, pink glow, then finally resting in the arms of a gentle charcoal sky filled with the twinkles of all the stars that dance through the sky. It's during the afternoon strolls that I reflect on all things lovely.

Who are some of your favourite Artists? 

I love Gustav Klimt, Wassily Kandinsky, Joan Miro, Robert Rauschenberg, Basquiat, Audrey Kawasaki, Amy Sol, Yoshitomo Nara, and a million other artists. So its a crazy mix of art. Local artists such as Anthony Jigalin, Barek, El Jungle, and Phil B make me smile too.




Katy Perry - California Gurls Ft. Snoop Dog

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Tara White

Let me introduce you to the lovely and talented Tara White. She is currently studying design here in Brisbane at Billy Blue College of Design. Her art is cheery with big bold strokes, colours, is a lot of fun and would be a great addition to any collection. I'm thinking of grabbing one for myself. Tara is currently showing at Foundation - Espresso and Bar in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

What inspires you to create?

I have an overbearing urge to express myself to others as I feel so misunderstood. My satisfaction lasts as long as the viewer absorbs my work. When they move on, I go back to work.

What are your hopes for the future

I'd prefer to be happy with the now

Name a few things that make you happy?

I be happy with the now whether that be eating my chicken sandwhich which is in front of me, or having a warm bath. Add wine and family

Who are some of your favourite Artists?

Piccasso, Conrad Roset

I always ask who peoples favourite music artists are as I like to stick a clip at the end
Air is my favorite music or Sola Rosa 

Bathing Swan
Acrylic & pastel charcoal 

 Orange Cat
 Gauche, ink & pastel charcoal

Milk Mustache Symphony
Guache, ink and white biro

 Hollie Go Lightly and Her ego
 Gauche, pencil & ink

Line & wash, Felt tip & colour 

Still Sound
Line & wash, felt tip & colour




 Here is Air with Playground Love


Sunday, March 16, 2014


JasminsArt is the work of Brisbane based Artist Jasmin Pearson. She is a self taught artist that uses many mediums to create her wonderfully bright and energetic paintings. She also has created mosaics, murals, canvas art, embroidery patterns & pieces, drawings etc. A selection of her work is currently on display at Site Cafe in Banyo.

Here is a statement from her Made It page: I have always loved to doodle & now I get to share my creations with you YAY! I have dipped into many types of mediums to find the best way to display my designs, I never thought that my drawings could be art all by themselves but here we are and there they are all ready to be shared with the world.

What inspires you to create?

I just have to, like we need to breathe I need to be doing something creative everyday. Listening to music or watching Tv series while I work keeps me from overthinking too much while I paint.

What are your hopes for the future?

 I was listing what I wanted and realised I am doing that already lol I am already a full time artist so maybe become a well known artist & show in lots of galleries.

Name a few things that make you happy?

 My kids (when they're not driving me nutty lol) my hubby, friends n family. Music, Food, Travelling & my Art Studio

Who are some of your favourite Artists?

 My favourite artists are the ones who have helped me become the artist I wanted to be. I used to have these grand ideas but could never pull them off and with the help of Tamara Laporte (Willowing & Lifebook) Jane Davenport, Chrissy Foreman Cranitch, Micki Wilde, Carla Sonhiem, Jodi Ohl, Mindy Lacefield, Juliette Crane, and a score of other Artists the list goes on Then there's the scores of Artists whose work inspires me also like Britsketch, Amanda Brooks, Starla Michelle, Laura Alice, Core & many more Art is everywhere! It's hard NOT to be inspired.

 I always ask who peoples favourite music artists are as I like to stick a clip at the end.

 My fav song hmmmmm thats a toughie but I would have to say 'To build a home' by The Cinematic Orchestra Most of the paintings I did for this collection were painted while listening to 'Say Something' A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera and 'Young and Beautiful' Lana Del Rey 

Mixed Media
 40 x 40


 'Ocean Song' 
Mixed Media
45 x 15

Acrylic on Canvas
30 x 30

'Indie Ellie'
Acrylic on Canvas
20 x 20

Mixed Media
24 x12


Mixed Media
24 x 12


Mixed Media
 24 x 12

Acrylic on Canvas 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sharon Volshenck

Original Art work by Sharon Volschenk

Sharon Volschenk migrated from South Africa to Australia in 2009. She currently lives in Brisbane. Sharon is married and has three adult children. She studied Fine Arts at Johannesburg College of Art (in South Africa) before qualifying as a Special Needs Teacher. Sharon loves the vibrancy of acrylic paint, as clearly seen in her colourful work. 

Sharon has always been inspired by the vibe, colour and sounds of Africa. She says:  “ I love painting people and animals, but I paint anything really, it just depends on what I’m inspired by at the time. I’ve painted landscapes, flowers and many other things. I just love to paint… I really can’t live without painting!” Other creative interests include pencil sketching and ceramics. She also does murals, portraits and other commission work. You can find her work hanging at Site Cafe in Banyo for the month of February.

What inspires you to create?

Anything really, people situations, emotions ...also depends on my mood.

 What are your hopes for the future?

To keep on creating...painting is my 1st love but I also love ceramics and I would like to try my hand at mosaic in the near future.

 Name a few things that make you happy?

Just being at home and having "me"time, reading, walking my dog, talking to friends, and working with my Special Needs students.

 Who are some of your favourite Artists?

 Frida Kahlo and a Spanish painter called Tachi Lloret..he does the most amazing portraits.

 I always ask who peoples favourite music artists are as I like to stick a clip at the end.

My favoutite music artist are: Josh Groban, Il Divo, Celine Dion and Leonard Cohen.Also like Beyoncé, Madonna and Cher and a Welsh singer called Katherine Jenkins.

 "African Landscape" Acrylic on Canvas 50x40cm $180

 "Big Yawn" Acrylic on Canvas 70x50cm $200

 "Dream" Acrylic on Canvas 60x40 $180

 "Buffalo"  Acrylic on Canvas 35x45cm $160

 "Wave"  Acrylic on Canvas 50x40 $180


"Waiting for the Bus" Acrylic on Canvas 60x60cm $200

"Ndebele Woman" Acrylic on Canvas 45x61cm $200

Here is Madonna With "Beautiful Stranger"

Friday, January 24, 2014

Theresa Avery - Raw Pix

Theresa Avery is a Brisbane based artist that is truly passionate about anything that uses her imagination, whether it be photography, drawing, or painting. I find her work quirky, original and a lot of fun. She is currently showing at Foundation - Espresso & Bar in Fortitude Valley Brisbane till the 16th Of February.

What inspires you to create?

Life inspires me to create. The things I see, have been a part of and what, or who is around me.

What are your hopes for the future?
 My hope for the future is to be more creative, to finish my degree and get out there and start doing.

Name a few things that make you happy?

A few things that make me happy: Ummm wildlife, nature, music and Doctor Who.

Who are some of your favourite Artists?

Some of my favorite artists are Salvador Dali, Shaun Tan, Minor White.

I always ask who peoples favourite music artists are as I like to stick a clip at the end.

Favorite music hmmm thats a tough one, I like Split Enz and Crowded House and They Might Be Giants.

 Illustration Series: "Mummy"

"Where's My Mummy?"

"I Want My Mummy!"

"I Need My Mummy!"

All of the drawings are mounted A3, the drawings themselves are A4. The"Mummy" series are all lead pencil and felt tip pen, Where's My Mummy is on Bank paper, the other two are one Cartridge paper.

Illustration Series: "Fairy Capture And Release Program"





All of the "Fairy Release program" are coloured pencil. "Imagination" is black felt tip pen on bank paper, A3 mounted and A3 in size.The originals are $120 each. Prints: A5 $10, A4 $20, A3 $30. They are also available in Terri's various shops on all sorts of products. 


Here is "They Might be Giants" with "Istanbul (not Constantinople)"